Marines américains chantent «Jours d’Élie»

Marines américains chantent «Jours d’Élie»

America’s wonderful men and women in uniform participating in worship, lifting their voices to Almighty God as they sing « Days of Elijah. » Love the energy and camaraderie as they praise the God of Psalm 91.

Lord we pray that You continue to protect each and every one of our men and women on the front lines, and You bring comfort and peace to their families.
–Video Originally Published on Facebook by Merrie Pardee Baldwin at Camp Pendelton… San Onofre, California-…

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HalleluYAH! Bless the Christ Yeshua!! cmj/seekjustice ☺


Il y a  encore de l’espoir pour l’Amérique!!! et pour le monde


Source ;Youtube/Conscience du peuple



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