We can talk about the bogus elections and everything else that happened since September 2002 when the rebels first arrived later. But right now there is an urgent need to stop Alassane Ouattara and his bloodthirsty Muslim rebels who have been committing unspeakable atrocities and human rights violations in the Ivory Coast since Monday, April 11, 2011 (just two days ago) after Mr. Gbagbo and his entire family including children and grand-children were arrested by French special forces and handed over to the rebels. Let’s keep in mind that the atrocities, mass murders and gross human rights violations have been going on since the rebels first came in 2002. But most western media outlets, in solidarity with the French government behind the rebels, kept quiet about the atrocities until finally some were forced to speak out and denounce the rebels’ recent mass killings of innocent civilians in the western part of the Ivory Coast. But in the 48 hours since Mr. Gbagbo‘s arrest, Mr. Ouattara’s rebels–abusively and deceitfully labeled as Ivory Coast Republican Forces by French media– have already murdered, killed or seriously injured a number of Gbagbo’s cabinet members and their loved ones. Right now the rebels are everywhere in the capital chasing and killing everyone who is either from the South or didn’t vote or support Ouattara during the monkey elections. Gbagbo’s supporters are hunted down and killed like animals right before the eyes of the U.N. peacekeepers, French soldiers and western medias and cameras who watch, film, take pictures but keep quiet.
In one word, all I am trying to say is that WE HAVE ANOTHER RWANDA IN PREPARATION RIGHT NOW IN THE IVORY COAST. If you didn’t know before, now you do. And we cannot continue to sacrifice the lives of innocent Africans in the name of greedy, occult and somber interests, or because some in the West want to install bloodthirsty puppet leaders and governments so they can steal Africa’s natural resources and raw materials needed for western industries–even if it means killing half the population of the country. Coincidentally, Mr. Alain Juppe, the current French Foreign Minister, was the same foreign minister on the job during the Rwanda genocide. Some call him “the Architect of Rwanda.” In any event, let’s each and everyone of us do what we can to stop the French government in the Ivory Coast and not have another Rwanda on our conscience. We have the power to stop this NOW by bringing the matter to public attention, writing to our elected officials (Senators and Congressmen), the White House, members of our government, the State Department, NGOs and any other person or organization capable of helping in this matter.
The Ivory Coast is the World’s number one producer of cocoa from which derive chocolate, related food products, and many health, beauty and cosmetic products such as lipsticks and make-ups. So it is a big business. The Ivory Coast also is among the World’s top producers of coffee. Last but not least, the Ivory Coast has huge reserves of top quality oil. Some Internet sites reported that French President Nicholas Sarkozy insisted in vain President Gbagbo sign a document giving 80% stake and ownership in the Ivory Coast oil reserves to France before issuing order to French special forces to depose him. When the British gave independence to their former colonies in the 60s, they left. The French gave independence but never left. We all grew up in the Ivory Coast with the presence of a French military base essentially there to keep in line any leader who might want to start talking about “real independence” from the French–exactly what happened with President Gbagbo. It is in fact and indeed a military base with a colonial mission just like before.
Through direct French military intervention and by force of French arms, President Gbagbo was deposed and Mr. Ouattara was installed to guarantee French interests, French continuity and French military presence in the Ivory Coast. But sadly Mr. Ouattara is unable to rise above his rebellion and his role as a rebel leader and act as a statesman, as a president for all Ivorians. Instead, his rebel forces have engaged in witch-hunt and systematic killings of all Ivorians from the South and all those who worked with, supported or voted for his rival Gbagbo.
PLEASE HELP US STOP THE FRENCH, THE U.N. AND OUATTARA’S GENOCIDE IN THE IVORY COAST. Don’t wait to regret it later, act NOW. Contact your Congressman/Congresswoman, Senator, the State Department, the White House, all media in your town or city, all NGOs and anybody else who can help.
If you need more details, need to talk to me or for any other reason, please send me an email at: LeGrandJaguar@yahoo.com. Thank you and God bless you!!

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